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These are part of the clients whom we have worked with:

French Products, French Gastronomy and cosmetics products

Douceurs de Paris: Maxim's finally implants in California!

 Noirot: l'Antesite: more than a century of "know how" finally in USA.

Legrand Bakery: A real French Bakery at Greenville, in South Carolina.

Chez Nanou: The better French restaurant in Madison.

Breizh Pan'Crepes: Finally real crepes in Charleston.

The Deli Fort Myers: French delicatessen in the heart of Floride.

Nutreat: in Miami, the best place to find Juice, soups and soon Kosher,

natural and bio products.

Café Paris: A little piece of France in Arizona.

Coiffance: Because the hairstyle is a luxury! 

Raphael Perrier: in Houston, the quintessence of barbershops 

Kokwai: Pioneers of the organic cosmetics for men

The Antique Toys Shop now installed in New York.

Your French Gift: The better of French and Italian brands: Laguiole,

Ted Lapidus, Sorrente, Jean Louis Sherrer, Thierry Mugler, Chantal Thomas...

Sud France Design, the best furniture to France.

Hotel Industry

Will Sun Bed and Breakfast: in Orlando, near to the parcs, come and relax 

in a European atmosphere.


Aqua Water Biking Center: The first Aqua cycling center in Florida,

in Miami: soon a franchise? Aquabiking is the new trend sport. Smooth for your

articulations, it will no spare your cellulite and abs.

Aqua Wellness World:  A revolutionnary sport concepts! 


Alphatrad: an optimised translation service to ensure your launch in the USA .

EyeKraft: EyeKaft's vocation is to support you in creating a brand identity for

its maturity by a communication service set: print, web et video. A multicultural

agency that can arrange your branding, PR...

Dixie Printing: For all your marketing needs, websites...

Clear Water Pools: A complete service for pool owners near to Orlando.

Syravie:  Comprhensive softwares for the life and pension insurance.

CapWest Consulting: Un service de travail temporaire dédié aux entreprises

high-tech !

Simple Answers Energy Inc: Specialised in softwares development  

(implants in UK too)


A New Classy Place : A grooming salon for animals

"with a European Atmosphere" in Florida near to

Orlando. A warm place for your pets.

Various companies

Triade Industries:  Triade Industrie is a company

specializing in Non Destructive Testing: Now in Texas!

Rolltech, the provider wheels made from recycled

materials VHNA, Only manufacturer in the US of vacuum

gripping solutions.

Intercultural Training

bioMerieuxA world leader in the field of in vitro

diagnostics for over 50 years, bioMérieux is present in

more than 150 countries through 42 subsidiaries and a

large network of distributors. In 2014, bioMérieux sales

totaled 1.698 billion euros, 88% of which were generated


ThalesThales is an electronics company specializing in

aerospace, defense and information technology.

AirbusAirbus is an international aircraft manufacturer

located in Blagnac, a suburb of Toulouse in France.

Division 100% owned by the Airbus industrial group, the

company produces more than half of

airliners products in the world, and is the main

competitor Boeing.

With our partners

Generic Web 

Kamedis: For Kamedis, nature is the key to finding a

healthier skin.

Kinapse: More than 400 professionals worldwide to

deliver solutions to their customers in the life sciences


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